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Is Accessing Someone Else’s Facebook classed as Identity Theft?

August 8, 2011

If somebody gained access to your Facebook account and started posting status updates, would you say they were guilty of Identity Theft? On top of that, how much would you want them punished. Would you simply close down the account. Send them an angry email, or would you maybe expect them to get prosecuted in a court of law?

Well that’s exactly what happened to Rolando, a juvenile currently living in California. Rolando received a text message from an unknown number, which contained the victim’s password. Rolando used this to access her Facebook account and posted several sexually inappropriate messages. He also reset her password so she couldn’t get back in.

He was subsequently tried in a court of law and found guilty of Identity Theft.

This is not the first time Rolando has found himself in trouble. Prior to this he was previously in trouble for reckless driving when he drove his car “at three girls in the school parking lot, but stopped abruptly several feet away from them in an attempt to scare them.”

No one seems to know who sent the original text message and how they got the victim’s password in the first place.


I’ve been discussing this story with various people and was quite shocked to find that some felt Rolando had been “Over Punished”. One person suggested that what Rolando did was no different to a student sticking a note saying “I SMELL” on the back of another student. It’s just a harmless bit of fun.

Others pointed out that it was more like leaving your keys in the ignition and someone coming along and pinching your car. No matter how easy the theft was, it’s still theft.

Most however agreed that they were fed up with the “It was just a joke!” excuse.

Ultimately the crime committed here is Unauthorised Access to somebody else’s private data, without consent of the original owner.

I personally think that what Rolando did was wrong and the judge was right to punish him accordingly.


The Hillsborough Disaster (A History)

April 15, 2009

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster. Fans of all sides will gather at Anfield to pay their respects. This will culminate with a 2 minute silence at 3:06 pm. But first some History.

Via Wikipedia

It was reported that many fans arriving from Lancashire and around had been delayed by unannounced roadworks on the M62 motorway over the Pennines. Between 2:30 pm and 2:40 pm, there was a considerable build-up of fans in the small area outside the turnstile entrances to the Leppings Lane End, all eager to enter the stadium quickly before the match started.

So you can see that even before the match had started, things were looking hairy. So what happened next ?

A bottleneck developed with more fans arriving than could enter the two cages set in the middle of the Leppings Lane stand. People who had been refused entry could not leave the area because of the crush behind them but remained as an obstruction. A side gate was opened to ease the build up. With an estimated 5,000 fans trying to get through the turnstiles, the police, to avoid deaths outside the ground, opened a set of gates, intended as an exit, which did not have turnstiles. This caused a rush of supporters through the gate into the stadium.

This lead to a huge crush at the front of the terrace, where people were being pressed up against the fencing by the weight of the crowd behind them. At the time, the death toll was 94 people. This rose 4 days later to 95. The final death toll is 96, after a man died from being in a coma for 4 years.

To find out more, including why 44 ambulances turned up, but only one was permitted entry, see the full article.

Just look at the size of that Tree

March 26, 2009

Polar Bears are SO Cute!!! (NOT!!!)

March 18, 2009


AFTER!!! (AAHHH!!!!)

Gunmen shoot Sri Lanka cricketers

March 3, 2009

From BBC News

Gunmen have attacked a bus carrying the Sri Lankan cricket team on its way to play in the Pakistani city of Lahore.

At least five Pakistani policemen escorting the team bus were killed, while at least five cricketers, and their assistant coach, were injured.

Pakistani officials said about 12 gunmen were involved and grenades and rocket launchers have been recovered.

You know what they say….. “Never mix Sports & Politics”

Blog Hiatus (sort of)

December 28, 2008

I’ve decided to stop blogging here. But don’t worry because from now on, any content I post will appear in my Twitter Stream. You can follow me here by going to

UPDATE: I’ve put a news feed on the right hand side. This was the main source of the blog. Obviously alot of it was cut and never made it to the blog. If you like what you see, but would prefer a cleaner wider interface, go here

Bus Driver Threatens Kids with Knife

December 23, 2008

A school bus driver accused of brandishing a knife and threatening three sixth-graders with cutting their wrists for leaving cookie crumbs on a seat has been arrested.