The Hillsborough Disaster (A History)

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Hillsborough Disaster. Fans of all sides will gather at Anfield to pay their respects. This will culminate with a 2 minute silence at 3:06 pm. But first some History.

Via Wikipedia

It was reported that many fans arriving from Lancashire and around had been delayed by unannounced roadworks on the M62 motorway over the Pennines. Between 2:30 pm and 2:40 pm, there was a considerable build-up of fans in the small area outside the turnstile entrances to the Leppings Lane End, all eager to enter the stadium quickly before the match started.

So you can see that even before the match had started, things were looking hairy. So what happened next ?

A bottleneck developed with more fans arriving than could enter the two cages set in the middle of the Leppings Lane stand. People who had been refused entry could not leave the area because of the crush behind them but remained as an obstruction. A side gate was opened to ease the build up. With an estimated 5,000 fans trying to get through the turnstiles, the police, to avoid deaths outside the ground, opened a set of gates, intended as an exit, which did not have turnstiles. This caused a rush of supporters through the gate into the stadium.

This lead to a huge crush at the front of the terrace, where people were being pressed up against the fencing by the weight of the crowd behind them. At the time, the death toll was 94 people. This rose 4 days later to 95. The final death toll is 96, after a man died from being in a coma for 4 years.

To find out more, including why 44 ambulances turned up, but only one was permitted entry, see the full article.

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